Recommended Practice for Selling Cannabis Accessories and Paraphernalia

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Recommended Practice for Selling Cannabis Accessories and Paraphernalia

Posted on Friday 05/04/18

There are many questions being raised about the sale of cannabis-related products in Canada. The purpose of this article is to clarify for convenience store retailers the current legal environment regarding these products and to identify what the Western Convenience Stores Association (WCSA) recommends as best practices regarding their sale.

The Law

Emerging federal and provincial legislation regarding the sale of cannabis products restricts such sale to persons who are of an age permitted to buy age-restricted products. Although convenience stores are not as yet permitted to sell cannabis products, many sell cannabis accessories such as rolling papers and delivery mechanisms.

Once recreational cannabis products become legal, it stands to reason that accessories that are uniquely related to cannabis consumption must also be restricted from sale to minors.

Recommended Best Practices for Sale

1. Convenience retailers should treat cannabis accessories and paraphernalia in the same manner as they treat tobacco accessories and other age-restricted products: check to ensure the buyer is not a minor

2. Convenience retailers should follow the applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws for verifying the age of purchasers of age-restricted products.

3. Convenience retailers should always ask any person who looks to be under the age of 25 to provide valid, government-issued photo ID to establish proof of age.

4. Convenience retailers should ensure all staff are properly and regularly trained on age-verification practices provided through education tools like the CCSA’s We Expect ID training program which is designed to ensure convenience store employees understand all federal and provincial laws related to the sale of age-restricted products.

5. Convenience retailers should display all proper signage, including posters, stickers and decals, such as those offered through the We Expect ID program, conveying the message that your store will not sell age-restricted products to minors and will only sell age-restricted products to customers who can show proper ID.