Who We Are

Our Industry
Western Canada’s Convenience Store Industry includes over 6,000 convenience stores employing more than 40,000 people. Over $10 billion in annual sales generate more than $1 billion in tax revenue.

Nationally, the industry represents over 23,000 stores and employs 165,000 people. The industry generates over 9.2% of all jobs in the retail sector and accounts for 8.6% of all sales. $32 billion in annual sales generate 11.5 Billion in taxes.

One third of the population of Canada visits a convenience store each day.

Our Organization
The WCSA represents convenience store retailers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC, Yukon, NWT and Nunavut. Together we provide a strong, coherent voice for all convenience store retailers and other stakeholders, representing their concerns at all levels of government and the media.

WCSA is a not-for-profit association funded by its members and acts as an advocate for the interests of our members and our industry and provides an effective forum for all participants to meet and discuss common issues, concerns and opportunities. We work with governments, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to promote the interests of our industry.

We work to promote and foster the establishment and maintenance of professional business standards and ethics throughout the convenience store industry.

We are dedicated to responsible community retailing and maintain Canada’s toughest age-verification program, “We Expect ID”, to keep restricted products out of the hands of youth. This is just one example of our ongoing efforts to provide the practical support that contributes to the success of our industry.

Our Connection With Communities
The majority of Western Canada’s convenience store businesses are independent and family-run. However, approximately 50% of physical stores are affiliated with or belong to corporate chains.

From Minor Sports sponsorships to major national charitable campaigns, the members of our association work to improve the communities where they operate. They support a wide range of charitable causes by raising money and by being socially responsible in their business practices.

Our Board of Directors
WCSA’s board of directors is represented by independent, affiliated and corporate chain retailers from the gas and convenience store sector, as well as associate members that include suppliers, distributors and manufacturers.

Board of Directors:
Scott SibbetGas King
Woody StelnickiCalgary Co-op
Darren HughesHughes Petroleum
Scott CardnoDomo
Leigh FollestadSmart Shopper
Lawrence RichlerHusky

Our Partners
WCSA is affiliated with the Canadian Convenience Stores Association and the National Convenience Stores Distributors Association. Our regional partner associations are:
Assn Québecoise des Dépanneurs en Alimentation
Atlantic Convenience Stores Association
Ontario Convenience Stores Association

WCSA is also a sponsor of the BC retail Safety Society.